How to adopt a dog

Fill in the adoption form

We would like to assess the dog type that better matches with your lifestyle, habits and daily environment, mainly in the interest of the animal but also in respect of your needs and our adoption criteria.
Once the form will be received duly filled in, one of our Association volunteer shall contact you in order to schedule an appointment at your premises .Be kind with him, as all our volunteers deserve it!
The transports from Spain arrive at a facility designated by the ASL / Ats in Cimbro di Vergiate (VA), where the adopters must be present to carry  the procedures and pick up the dog. We don’t do relay races. For dogs already present in our shelter in Clivio (VA), the dog can only be collected there. The daily care, veterinary and transport costs are very large and different according to the needs of the individual rescued dog. In order to be able to continue to help other dogs, the Association asks at the time of adoption a  donation of 250 Euro, which allows it to cover part of the expenses incurred for its activities in Spain, Switzerland. and Italy.

All pieces of information provided shall be treated confidentially in compliance with the in force Privacy Legislation. Thanks for your cooperation.

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